DBIA Projects

The Cornwall Downtown BIA board is proud to serve over 150 member businesses and bring revitalization efforts to the downtown core. With a focus on beautification and increasing patronage of the downtown, we are dedicated to making Downtown Cornwall a chosen destination for tourists and residents alike.

Please take a minute and look through some of our projects listed below. Some are ongoing, some are completed and all of them are undertaken with a stronger, more appealing commercial area in mind. We hope you will join us in improving, promoting and enjoying our downtown.


The board has spent the past couple of years concentrating on the beautification of the downtown. Our collaborative work with Marlin’s Orchards has resulted in large, lush planters of seasonal foliage that have been placed outside numerous local businesses.

They have made a substantial impact on the overall look and feel of the city’s core and added attractive splashes of colour to downtown sidewalks.

CCTV Cameras

The Cornwall Community Police Service’s new closed-circuit television camera system is up and running with cameras spread within the Downtown and Le Village areas of the city. The goal of the CCTV system is to promote public safety in the two commercial areas.

“The main purpose of this is to be a deterrent (to crime),” said Cornwall police Sgt. Dan Maille. Police are using a “passive monitoring” approach where the images are recorded and then used to investigate and solve crimes if criminal activity is reported in the areas where the cameras are situated. The police service received a grant of over $100,000 last summer through the Civil Remedies Grant Program to establish the CCTV system as a three-year pilot project.

The project was made possible thanks to the support of numerous partners, including the City of Cornwall, the Downtown Business Improvement Area, the Le Village Business Improvement Area, Cornwall Electric and Cornwall and Area Housing Corporation.

Downtown Lighting

The DBIA is proud to show off its ongoing revitalization efforts in the downtown through our recent lighting project. We have had nothing but positive feedback about the difference the lighting has made and we are encouraged to continue the work onto Second Street stretching in both directions from Pitt.

We hope you enjoy the new atmosphere!

Queen’s University

Last summer, the City of Cornwall and the DBIA were fortunate to have two very talented young women from Queen’s University’s Urban Planning and Design program, working on several new projects.

For the length of their internship, both Sarah Neilsen and Heather MacDonell lived and worked in Cornwall under the supervision of Denis Carr and Heart of the City.

Their work centered on design and revitalization efforts for the Downtown, Le Village, the newly constructed bridge intersection, Nativity Square and the corner lot of Pitt and First Streets.

Centretown Streetscape Revitalization Strategy (EDA Plan)

In conjunction with Heart of the City and Centretown, the BIA worked with EDA Collaborative Inc. to construct a revitalization plan for the downtown core. Building on the successful Streetscape Design Report from August 2011, the Streetscape Revitalization Master Plan is a cohesive framework that integrates unique natural and cultural heritage characteristics of each of the components: Le Village, DBIA, Cornwall Square, Cotton Mills area, the Waterfront and the potential link between the two BIAs with the intent of realizing the vision of “one destination for shopping, tourism, and residing”.

The Streetscape Revitalization Plan includes a conceptual design as well as a phased implementation strategy. Many of the projects outlined in the document are now in the process of being realized. For more information, please see the Heart of the City’s website.

Download the plan here