Funds available for DBIA-focused events

Funds available for DBIA-focused events

Jul 30, 2021


Have you ever contemplated hosting an event in downtown Cornwall, but needed some extra encouragement?

Look no further: our DBIA President, Josh Casselman, is seeking individuals who dream of hosting their own events in our beautiful downtown!

He is calling on innovative locals and non-locals who wish to host something that is going to “attract people to the downtown, where they are going to enjoy themselves here.”

Every year, a portion of the DBIA’s revenue is set aside in order to support such events.

A popular example of a DBIA sponsored event includes Cornwall Food Fest, which raises funds for Beyond 21. Cornwall Food Fest, which is traditionally held at the end of August, allows attendees to march freely up and down Pitt St. —  from Third St. to First St. — while indulging in live music, a beer garden and yummy food truck feasts.

The Cornwall Chamber’s Executive Director, Greg Pietersma, and Executive Assistant, Shannon Tierney, proposed to the DBIA Board of Directors that such sponsorships be encouraged, and deemed the Accessible Funds for DBIA Event Sponsorship. There is an online intake form where hopeful hosts can apply; the form can be viewed here.

The intake form seeks to determine the type of support requested, whether it be financial and/or publicity, as well as the finer details of the event, and how it will all take shape. It is requested that all event proposals be submitted at least two months in advance.

“Our Board wants to make sure we are spending our money wisely,” said Casselman, adding that there are certain criteria within the vetting process. “We want people to know that this is out there and available for them to apply for.”

Currently, all proposed events need to follow COVID-19 guidelines and be approved by the Eastern Ontario Health Unit (EOHU) and the City of Cornwall.

“It doesn’t mean it can’t happen, it just more than likely means there will need to be some alterations to make it work within those guidelines,” said Casselman, encouraging any hopeful hosts.

“It’s a great place to work and a great place to play,” he added. “There’s a vibrant group of people that centres around our downtown and that’s why some call it the ‘heart of the city’. For anyone looking to plan an event (we hope) that they consider the downtown for their location.”

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