Locally owned drive-thru Cannabis store opens in Cornwall

Feb 4, 2021

Written by Shawna O’Neill

What exactly is at the end of the rainbow? We’re not really sure, because the only Pot Of Gold you will need is located at 44 Pitt St. in Cornwall, Ontario.

Pot of Gold (POG) is the first mom-and-pop cannabis retailer of its kind in downtown Cornwall and area. With a carefully curated selection of top-rated cannabis products, as well as access to over 600 different product options, the expansive catalogue is sure to impress long-time and new recreational cannabis enthusiasts.
Owner Mat Brousseau is grateful and excited to have his dream store realized at only 23-years-old. With a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Ottawa, Brousseaudecided to change gears and venture into the cannabis industry when it was legalized in2018. In partnership with his family — who own and operate Axxis Optical on the eastside of the building — POG offers an intimate and stylish storefront, complimented with ample parking.

When you have the privilege to step inside once COVID-19 restrictions change, you will be greeted by our highly educated team. Entirely locally staffed, we serve to provide more awareness in the community about the benefits of cannabis and safe usage. Not only is our ambient space filled with our products and trendy POG merchandise, our walls are adorned with information. Still have a question? Just ask, we will be happy to help and even provide you with laminated product information to focus on your particular needs.

Our featured products range in quality from best, to better, to great! We offer flower, pre-rolls, oils, candy, chocolates, drinks, vapes and more, with varying levels of THC and/or CBD, marked at a range of prices. Some of our favourites include Pink Kush and Pineapple Express flower of B.C., fruit flavoured chews and refreshing beverages. One of the many things that make POG unique in the industry is our drive-thru window option, as we prioritize your health, safety and convenience. We want you to be comfortable as we prepare your order, hich you can place on our website and pick-up within no time.

To order, call 613-933-3666, click-and-collect on our website or come by to see your new Pot Of Gold. Follow them on social media to see what everyone is ‘toking’ about; supporting local is a ‘joint’ effort. Find us at on Instagram and “Pot of Gold” on Facebook.

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