‘Keto That’ launches from downtown into Sobey’s

Jan 22, 2020

The magic wand over at Fairy Sweet in downtown Cornwall has cast another spell of popularity.

The downtown bakery and chocolate hot spot is in the midst of securing an agreement with national grocer Sobey’s to create Keto-based products for the masses.

‘Keto That’ will soon be available on grocery shelves, allowing customers who are already obsessed with the healthier Fairy Sweet treats the opportunity to grab it while food shopping.

“We’re going to be at the forefront,” said Fairy Sweet co-owner Sue-Anne Heitmann. “We’re doing a whole rebranding. Customers will have the options as far as how they want to get this product.”

Ready-made frozen options will be available, as well as a dry-good mix and a refrigerated tube.

“For people who want to make it themselves they can get dry-good mix and then add their wet ingredients,” said Atkins. “It’s the same principle as like Quaker Oats mix for muffins. The other option is that it can in a tube like Pillsbury. So you just slice up your cookies and bake it.”

The Keto That treats include fudge, brownies, donuts, cookies, butter tarts annnnd…the Keto almond cup.

“People ask us if there is something addictive in that one,” Atkins said with a chuckle. “People have been coming in and asking us about our products and saying ‘Can you Keto that?’ So my mom was the one who said ‘We have to do that!’”

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