El Tumbao brings tastes of Peru to downtown Cornwall

Sep 12, 2019

El Tumbao owner Luis Nalvarte.

A big taste of South America is descending on small-town Cornwall. El Tumbao is set to open in a few weeks at 25 Second Street East.

The authentic Peruvian restaurant will feature everything including traditional dishes from the Lima district of the country to salsa dancing and live music.

In short, El Tumbao is looking to hit all the marks in downtown Cornwall.

“I am from Lima, Peru and I want to bring a great taste of home, here,” said owner Luis Nalvarte. “We want to leave a good impression with our customers. We had a restaurant in Montreal and we are bringing the same type of quality food to Cornwall.”

Peruvian food, and the choices offered at El Tumbao, will feature liberal doses of seafood, beef and chicken, cooked to perfection over a charcoal grill.

“There’s lots of charcoal-cooked meats. Plenty of beef, some chicken and lots of seafood,” said Nalvarte. “The principle plate that everyone will know is ‘Ceviche.’ It’s a seafood dish where the acid in the lime cooks the fish. That’s one of our specialties. Everyone will know that.”

And let’s not forget about ‘Jalea.’

“It’s a seafood dish and it is battered with shrimp, calamari and mussels and it is served with a lime salad and it also comes with some spicy sauce. When people will ask ‘What do you recommend?’ – that’s the one we know people will like,” added Nalvarte.

El Tumbao, loosely translated, is a slang term that makes reference to “an outgoing person. Someone who likes to dance,” said Nalvarte, which explains why dancing will be a big part of the fun at the restaurant.

A couple of nights a week there will be Latin dancing lessons, but every night people will be able to dance on the dance floor after enjoying their meal, or while sipping on a cocktail.

El Tumbao is slated to open later this month, or in early October.

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