Meet the new owner of Love Love Food

Nov 14, 2018

Mishell Albino, the new owner of Love Love Food.


There’s a new leader at the helm of Love Love Food in downtown Cornwall.

Mishell Albino has completed a purchase agreement with Tony Lacroix to assume ownership of the popular downtown eatery that specializes in desserts and lunch-time fare.

“I was looking into getting into the restaurant business here in Cornwall, the reputation alone for this place is fabulous,” said Albino. “The vibe, the feel, the customers…it’s just a great fit for the direction I wanted to go in.

“If it wasn’t for Tony I wouldn’t be here. I love how this works. Tony’s food – everyone knows it. There’s absolutely nothing I would change. I want people to keep everyone just as happy as they are now.”

Lacroix said the decision to sell his beloved restaurant is bittersweet. He said building the brand from a small operation in his home to a thriving downtown establishment has been challenging and rewarding.

“I never had owned a restaurant before. But I always had a passion for food,” said Lacroix. “The coolest thing about downtown is that everyone works together. No one wants you to fail, because if you fail it hurts them. It really is a big family here. Things are very supportive downtown.

“We’re all friends and neighbours. I’ve always believed that be successful…your customers are your friends. And then they become like family too.”

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