For the holidays it’s all about the can, man

Nov 28, 2017


Tracy Lynn Davies of Cailuan Gallery shows off some cans.


A downtown art gallery has found a novel way to help you package your holiday gifts.

Cailuan Gallery, located at 225 Pitt Street, is canning (that’s right, canning) gifts this year to help give some added fun to the Christmas gift exchange.

The idea is pretty simple – gift-givers bring their item into the art gallery, and it is sealed up in a can on the premises in a matter of seconds. The can are decorated on-site as well. Then on Christmas morning the lucky recipient spends a little extra time opening the gift with the air of a can opener.

“I did this when I was a kid – it was one of my first jobs,” said Tracy Lynn Davies of Cailuan Gallery. “You bring the gift in, and we seal it up with the canner in a can. And then we decorate it. Whoever receives the gift has to open it with a can opener.”

The cost is $5 per can, or three for $12. The gift has to be small enough to fit inside a 28 oz. can – which is about the size of a typical can of tomatoes.

“We’ve got a guy who is proposing to his partner, so we will put the ring in and seal it up and he’s going to surprise him with it,” said Davies. “It’s fun.”

Cailuan is also running its latest show, Mini Masterpieces, which includes locally-produced art that can be displayed in tight locations because of its small size.

“It’s 11×14 or smaller, and is a painting or anything handmade by local artists,” said Davies. “It’s just to introduce people to local art. It’s affordable and great for giving gifts and introducing people to fine arts.”

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