Colourful mural adds vibrancy to downtown parking lot

Oct 23, 2017

John Logan stands before a new mural at the rear of the Kastner’s building downtown.


CORNWALL, Ontario – A splash of colour has been added to a busy downtown parking lot.

The rear of the Kastner’s building, which backs onto the downtown parking lot between First and Second streets, has been coloured up with a vibrant new mural that includes liberal doses of Canadiana with some input from locals.

Burton Girling, of Kastner’s, said his plan was to paint the back of the building himself, with white paint, to clean things up a bit.

But when he was approached by Akwesasne painter John Logan about adding more to the clean-up project, an idea for a mural quickly took shape.

“It all happened really fast. This guy comes in one day and we’re just chatting and…as we talked the more I realized the guy is an artist,” said Girling. “I said do whatever you want. We’ll review it of course, but see what kind of things you can provide.

“We pretty much gave him the latitude. I said ‘You’re the artist.’”

The mural is dominated by colourful maple leafs, but also has what appears to be a Second World War fighter plane in the centre.

How did that come about?

“A fellow from the seniors club came over and (suggested it),” said Girling. “That’s how the airplane came in. He was an old army guy.”

Logan was joined by fellow artists Hans Shmitter and Kyle Shipman who helped finish up the work.

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