It’s all about the freshness, down on the Farm

Aug 28, 2017

Pierre Alexandre Paradis at The Downtown Farm on Pitt Street.


A pair of friendly Cornwall neighbours have gotten together to form a partnership that is benefiting the city’s downtown.

Billy Karamitsos and Pierre Alexandre Paradis, owners of Billy K’s and Au Vieux Duluth respectively on Brookdale Avenue, have opened The Downtown Farm, located at 101 Pitt Street.

The newest downtown restaurant caters to the hungry crowd that is on the go, providing sandwiches, soups, salad and chilli that all have one thing in common – the freshest ingredients you will find just about anywhere.

“It’s a simple menu, but it’s all fresh,” said Paradis. “We’re cooking the meat fresh. It’s slow-cooked all night. We cut the meat every morning along with the chicken and the pork so it is fresh, fresh, fresh.”

Paradis said Karamitsos was the initial driving force behind the idea for a new restaurant at the corner of Pitt and First Street West. When the two finally collaborated on the idea it didn’t take long for the doors to open.

“His first instinct was to open a restaurant in this spot,” said Paradis. “Billy K started this project and worked for two years on this project and I stepped in to help him start things out. The concept came from him.”

The results speak for themselves.

“The feedback has been really good so far. The people who work around here love it. We’re pretty pleased with the turnout so far.”

The Downtown Farm can be found on Facebook, and is planning a grand opening the next few weeks which Paradis said is likely to include some live entertainment. Likewise a takeout menu is being formulated and will be unveiled in a few weeks.

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